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We teach sofware engineer students at the BSc, MSc and PhD level; our elective courses offer exciting and state-of-the-art topics.




Systems Engineering (BSc)

Design and integration of software and more

The goal of the specialization is to introduce students to modern, model-based design methodologies prevalent in critical application domain (e.g., automotive, railway or aeronautics) for specifying, designing and implementing complex systems.

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Software Engineering (BSc)

Programming is easy, but high quality software is hard

The goal of the specialization is to teach contemporary development technologies and tools that can be used to design, code, and verify software. We contribute with courses on continuous integration and testing techniques.

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System Modeling

Foundations of designing software systems based on models

BSc specialization

Systems Engineering

Introduction to methods and tools for model-based systems engineering


Formal Methods

Using formal methods for design, implementation and analysis

MSc specialization

Model-based Systems Design

Technologies for domain-specific modeling and tool development

MSc specialization

Cyber-physical Systems

Cloud-based, autonomous and reconfigurable embedded systems

MSc specialization

Software & Systems Verification

Advanced automated verification and testing techniques


Software Verification and Validation

Mathematical foundations of formal V&V methods


Empirical Systems Engineering and Modeling

Assuring extra-functional properties during design and operations


Blockchain Technologies and Applications

Technologies and tools for designing blockchain-based systems


Big Data Analysis Techniques

Handling the probles of large data during analysis



Automating and integrating development and operations


Visual Analysis of Measurements

How to turn data into information using visual methods?

Project work

Our students can start to work on engaging topics during their first project work course. We offer project and thesis topics ranging from practical developments inspired by our industrial partners to challenging research problems with strong theoretical background. Our goal is to find topics for students, where they can deepen their knowledge and improve their skills.

Szakdolgozat és diplomaterv témák

Systems Engineering (BSc)

Impulzus 41:2, page 47

The systems thinking approach is illustrated in the courses, but the material is hands-on and can be used in the practice. I was able to find the joy of research, the research groups pays attention to the individual work of the students.”

Critical Systems (MSc)

Impulzus 42:2, page 51

Both the BSc and MSc specialization outperformed my initial expectations. I have not thought before that are so many exciting at the research group.”

Talent care

Motivated students can start to work with us even in the beginning of their undergraduate studies, and later join our international research and innovation projects or one of our open source developments.

We offer special talent care opportunities and unique one-on-one mentoring for our talented students.

Students' achievements


Joint publications

Research results with our students are published in prestigous publications. For example, in the recent years we had joint publications at the EMSOFT conference (New York) or in the STTT and STVR leading journals.


Typical workplaces

Our students have no problem in finding the perfect job. You can find our past students at start-ups, big tech companies or international R&D centers, frequently in senior positions.

Awards and scholarships

Our students perform exceptionally well on university or national student research competations and scholarships. They take part in various international visits and summer schools (e.g. in Switzerland or Germany).

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