ingraph – project proposal

The aim of the ingraph project is to evaluate openCypher graph queries incrementally. Our long-term goal is to provide a horizontally scalable graph query engine, which is able to perform complex graph queries on graphs with 100M+ elements.


The openCypher project is an initiative to standardize the Cypher query language of Neo4j.

Technical goals

Understanding the big data landscape is a challenging task. Even for processing graphs, there are dozens of available technologies. For ingraph, we try to clarify the technical goals of the project, listing both the strengths and limitations of the project.

Data model

ingraph operates on the property graph data model. In computer science, property graphs are also known as typed/heterogeneous attributed graphs.

Typed graphs are also used in other disciplines, usually for analysis with the tools of network theory. Related terms include multidimensional networks (social network analysis), multiplex networks (physics), multi[-]layer[ed] networks (social network analysis and physics) and heterogeneous networks.

Suited for

ingraph is suited for the following technical challenges:

Not suited for

ingraph is not efficient/expressive enough for the following technical challenges:

Currently, the ingraph project is not mature enough for production use. Instead, it should be used in prototypes and performance experiments.

Use cases

Candidates for primary use cases of incremental openCypher queries are:

Incremental openCypher queries can also be beneficial for:

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